DVC garden and nursery

DVC garden and nursery and DVC Horticulture greenhouse

The DVC garden and nursery will be open for your enjoyment this semester. We welcome your visits. Floral arrangements from our garden for school or community events can be created by our students, or you can create own.

The DVC Horticulture Department hosts plant sales on a regular basic.

Library exhibits

The DVC Library hosts a variety of exhibits from art to items of historical interest. These exhibits are created and contributed by students, faculty and community members. The purpose of the exhibits is to broadly and openly communicate ideas, as well as stimulate thought and dialogue in our learning communities. Topics may include art, culture, aesthetics, diversity, literature, history, politics, and current events.


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Music Performances

Each season our music department presents a series of evening concerts and free lunchtime concerts. DVC music groups include the Concert Chorale, Chamber Singers, Philharmonic Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Piano Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Vocal Jazz Ensembles, and the Night Jazz Band.


Music performances

Department of Drama

DVC drama produces a season of five plays each year, including at least one musical theater production, utilizing the Performing Arts Center and the intimate Arena Theater. Find out more about the current or upcoming season.

Department of Drama