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Schedule of courses - summer 2014

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CourseSection #Title
DayHourRoomInstructorStart/Stop Dates
CARER-1103810Career and Life Planning - (SC) - 3 Units
MTWTH10:30-12:35pmATC-116Jester, C6/16 - 7/24
COUNS-0954932Orientation to College - (P/NP) - 2 Units
MTWTH8:30-9:45amATC-116Franco, D6/16 - 7/24
 Sect 4932 is 2 units. Note: This EOPS Summer Institute Learning Community is designed for recent high school graduates. Concurrent enrollment in COUNS-095-4932, ENGL-090-4922, and MATH-080EE-4912 is required. Math/English assessment tests are also required. To enroll, contact the EOPS Summer Institute Coordinator at 925-969-2129, or
MATH-1358114College Algebra - (LR) - 4 Units
MTTH4:00-6:50pmATC-116Tardivel, D6/30 - 7/24
 Note: Section 8114 is a hybrid class, a combination of classroom lecture and online instruction. This class meets regularly online and Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 4-6:50 pm on campus. Please go to for hybrid course information.
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