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Schedule of courses - spring 2013

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CourseSection #Title
DayHourRoomInstructorStart/Stop Dates
DRAMA-1111318Fundamentals of Stage Production - Lighting - (SC) - 3 Units
TTH2:00-3:15pmPACHein, KFull Term
DRAMA-1231400Intermediate Principles of Acting - (SC) - 3 Units
TTH9:30-10:45amPACMcBrien, BFull Term
DRAMA-1241401Advanced Principles of Acting - (SC) - 6 Units
MW9:30-12:20pmPACMcBrien, BFull Term
 Note: Auditions are required and held on the first class meeting.
DRAMA-1271623Auditioning Techniques - (SC) - 3 Units
MW12:30-1:45pmPACHess-Diestler, NFull Term
DRAMA-155XX1549Advanced Acting Styles in Early Modernism - (SC) - 4 Units
MW9:30-11:20amPACMcBrien, BFull Term
 Note: Auditions are held on the first class meeting.
DRAMA-2001442Introduction to Technical Theater - (SC) - 3 Units
TTH12:30-1:45pmPACHein, KFull Term
DRAMA-2708178Major Production - (SC) - 1-2 Units
PACMcBrien, B1/29 - 4/08
 RICHARD III by audition. Auditions on 1/22, 1/23, AND 1/24, at 6:00 pm, in the PAC Theater. DRAMA-270 is an open-entry/open-exit course.
SPCH-1242644Voice and Diction - (SC) - 3 Units
TTH11:00-12:15pmPACMcBrien, BFull Term
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