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Schedule of courses - fall 2013

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CourseSection #Title
DayHourRoomInstructorStart/Stop Dates
ENGL-2621048Survey of American Literature I (First Contact - 1865) - (SC) - 3 Units
MW11:00-12:20pmMA-250Chiu, JFull Term
MATH-0901030Elementary Algebra - (SC) - 5 Units
Freidenreich, JFull Term
 Note: MATH-090-1030 is linked to PHYSC-112-1032 as one integrated learning community. Students MUST enroll in person in the Student Services Building, Admissions & Records. Online enrollment is not available. For more information, contact Bruce Koller at (925) 969-2471 or
MATH-0901060Elementary Algebra - (SC) - 5 Units
MW2:00-4:15pmMA-250Turner, SFull Term
MATH-1203449Intermediate Algebra - (SC) - 5 Units
MTWTH8:00-9:05amMA-250Kaeser, RFull Term
MATH-1203450Intermediate Algebra - (SC) - 5 Units
TTH1:00-3:15pmMA-250Weber, KFull Term
MATH-1243590Mathematics for Liberal Arts - (LR) - 3 Units
MW12:30-1:50pmMA-250Freidenreich, EFull Term
MATH-1425353Elementary Statistics with Probability - (LR) - 4 Units


Nirgiotis, TFull Term
 Note: Online course. Mandatory class meetings only on Tuesday, 8/19 (orientation), 10/23 and 11/4 (exams), and 12/16 (final), from 4-6:00 pm, in MA 250. Go to for course access information.
MATH-1818278Finite Mathematics - (LR) - 3 Units
T7:00-9:50pmMA-250Wardak, NFull Term
MATH-1820591Calculus for Management, Life Science and Social Science I - (LR) - 4 Units
TTH11:00-12:50pmMA-250Freidenreich, EFull Term
MATH-1928299Analytic Geometry and Calculus I - (LR) - 5 Units
MW7:00-9:15pmMA-250Cherkassky, VFull Term
MATH-1948237Linear Algebra - (LR) - 3 Units
TH7:00-9:50pmMA-250Neely, TFull Term
MATH-2928137Analytic Geometry and Calculus III - (LR) - 5 Units
MW4:30-6:45pmMA-250Farmer, PFull Term
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