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Schedule of courses - fall 2013

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CourseSection #Title
DayHourRoomInstructorStart/Stop Dates
ARCHI-1203186Introduction to Architecture and Environmental Design - (LR) - 3 Units
MW8:00-10:50amET-122AStaff, DFull Term
ARCHI-1211345Architectural Design I - (SC) - 4 Units
TTH2:00-5:50pmET-122AStaff, DFull Term
ARCHI-1301773Architectural Graphics I - (LR) - 3 Units
TTH8:00-10:50amET-122AZhu, QFull Term
ARCHI-1301788Architectural Graphics I - (LR) - 3 Units
MW2:00-4:50pmET-122APolyakova, TFull Term
CONST-1148534Blueprint Reading - (SC) - 3 Units
M6:30-9:20pmET-122AScola, DFull Term
CONST-1818245Building Code Interpretation: Non-Structural - (SC) - 3 Units
W6:30-9:20pmET-122AStaff, DFull Term
ENGIN-1105510Introduction to Engineering - (SC) - 3 Units


Panahandeh, MFull Term
 Note: Online course. Meets also on Fridays: 8/15, 10/17, and 12/05 from 2:30-4:20pm in ET 122A. All meetings are Mandatory. Go to for course access information.
ENGIN-1203023Engineering Drawing - (SC) - 3 Units
Avanessian, GFull Term
ENGIN-1303068Energy, Society, and the Environment - (SC) - 3 Units
W11:00-1:15pmET-122AAvanessian, GFull Term
 Note: Section 3068 is a hybrid class, a combination of classroom lecture, laboratory (lab) and online instruction. This class meets as scheduled plus 1.5 hours lecture and one hour lab per week online. Go to for hybrid course information.
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