Room schedule

Schedule of courses - fall 2012

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CourseSection #Title
DayHourRoomInstructorStart/Stop Dates
ASTRO-1285009The Universe for Beginners - (LR) - 4 Units


Castle, K8/17 - 12/17
 Note: Online course. Meets also on Wednesdays, from 7-8:50pm in SC 701. Go to http://voyager2. or to http://webct.dvc. edu/webct for course access information.
ASTRO-1308102Astronomy Laboratory - (LR) - 1 Unit
M7:00-9:50pmSC-701Padilla, M8/17 - 12/17
ASTRO-1308103Astronomy Laboratory - (LR) - 1 Unit
T7:00-9:50pmSC-701Castle, K8/17 - 12/17
ASTRO-1308104Astronomy Laboratory - (LR) - 1 Unit
TH7:00-9:50pmSC-701Goldenberg, S8/17 - 12/17
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