How do I check my progress?

The WebAdvisor program evaluation is an advising tool designed to assist you in planning for graduation. It matches the courses you have already taken and the courses you are currently enrolled in, to the degree or certificate requirements for your major. It is not an official evaluation, but an evolving review of the credits used to meet your degree or certificate requirements. Students should see a counselor if they have any questions about the information provided in the program evaluation.

Please note that this evaluation may not include complete information regarding GPA, units in residence, or other specific requirements appropriate to the degree or certificate you are seeking (To change your major, please complete the change of major form, which should be submitted to the Admissions Office.) If you have units from any other college, please see a counselor for the requirements related to the AA/AS degree and the Department Chairperson for your specific certificate to see if they can be applied to you program requirements (they are not included on the program evaluation.)

We want to remind you that it is your responsibility to satisfy all degree and certificate requirements as outlined in the Diablo Valley College catalog. Therefore, we encourage you to meet with a Counselor to confirm the information included in this program evaluation and how it relates to your future educational goals.

For detailed information about your program evaluation, please visit our frequently asked questions (pdf document).

How to understand your program evaluation

The top of your program evaluation provides general information (sample below) regarding you and the program you have selected for review. If you do not have a current email address on file, please update your address on Web Advisor to ensure you receive important college information. To change your major, please complete the change of major form.

Sample – general information (top of program evaluation)

Sample printout of general information

This program evaluation is organized into sections, which are separated by ========= (dotted) lines.

The first section (after the general information and guidelines) includes institutional totals and your GPA. This section is for Internal Use Only. Please schedule an appointment with your counselor if you want to know the exact number of units that will be applied to your program.

The rest of your program evaluation is organized into the sub-requirements for the degree or certificate you are seeking.

At the beginning of each section (and sub-section) is a status code (see definitions below) that indicates your current standing towards completing the requirements of this section.

Status Code Example (Graphic)

Status code definitions

W = Waived (this means that a course has been substituted)
C = Complete (you have completed the requirements of this section)
I = In Progress (some, but not all of the requirements are complete)
N = Not Started (you have not enrolled in, or completed any courses in this section)
P = Pending (the last part of the requirement will be satisfied if current coursework is completed with an acceptable grade)

Section and sub-requirements

The evaluation of degree and certificate requirements (your program evaluation) is divided into sections that include your completed coursework, your in progress coursework (anticipated units – the course will be listed with an *IP,) and your yet to be completed coursework (there will be a long blank line with “1 course needed” at the end or the # of units needed.)

Sample of 1 course “in progress” and 3 courses still needed

Sample printout of a course in progress

Other Courses

At the very end of your program evaluation will be a block that will include all “other courses.” This section contains coursework that was not applied towards the degree or certificate section requirements. Please note that this section will include any course in which you have received an “I” (incomplete) grade. “I” graded coursework appears on your program evaluation as not complete. The course will move to the section that it will fulfill once an acceptable grade is posted.

Sample - Other Courses

Sample printout of a a list of courses

Course Codes

All codes that appear after a specific course are explained at the end of the program evaluation. Course codes will appear in all sections of the program evaluation, not just in the “other courses” section.

Course Code Values

IP - In progress
PR - Pre-Registered (enrolled before the term has actually started)
RA - Repeat Attempt – this course is being repeated
RP - Replacement Pending – course is being repeated
TE - Transfer Equivalency (not implemented - coming soon!)
G - Grade – course failed the minimum grade requirement
S - Status – items with this status may not be applied to the program evaluation (dropped courses)
E - Extra – This course is not needed to complete this requirement; or, applying it would not have contributed anything towards the completion of the requirement (the requirement was already met)
U - Used – this course has already been used elsewhere

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