How does concurrent enrollment work?

High school students are welcome to attend Diablo Valley College. We offer day, evening, weekend and on-line courses. High school students must complete an admissions application and have their high school principal (or designee) and parent sign the "special admissions recommendation form".

Please note that some courses have prerequisites or co-requisites listed. This information is listed in the class schedules. These requirements must be satisfied prior to enrollment (high school transcripts and/or assessment test results may clear these requirements). A special prerequisite form is available at the Admissions Office as well as online.

Admission Procedures for High School Students

Step 1 Complete the online admissions application
Step 2 Turn in high school transcripts or take assessment test to clear prerequisites (if needed).
Step 3 Complete the special admission recommendation form and register in person for classes (Juniors and Seniors register in person on the second day of open registration. Students below the 11th grade must register in person after classes begin.) Graduating Seniors enroll in Counseling 095, Orientation to College.
Step 4 Pay your fees.

Admissions Application
Special Admission Recommendation Form


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