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Buildings and Grounds Online Work Order

The Buildings and Grounds Department now has an online work order system, Maintenance Plus. The links below will bring you to pages to fill out an online Work Request Order to be sent to Buildings and Grounds (please save the link for your campus).

We no longer accept paper work orders and you will no longer receive “Completed” hard copies.

All calls will need to be followed up with a work order as soon as you are able.

NOTE: Issues regarding cleaning up messes, i.e. indoor bugs, bathrooms, restroom supplies, etc.; light bulb issues (flickering or completely burnt out), clock issues (time change or batteries) and indoor graffiti are for Custodial. You will need to contact either Lori Vickers ext. 2524 (day) or Antonio Melendrez ext. 2413 (evening).

If you are in need of furniture moving, removing or extra furniture please contact Central Services, also Lori Vickers ext. 2524.

After you have filled out the information required and we have received your work request, the system will automatically generate an email informing you that we have received your request. Once we have completed your work order another email will be generated to inform you that your order has been completed. Should you have questions about your work order you will need to contact us with the ID number generated and sent in your conformation email.

Maintenance Plus links:

Emergency issues, i.e. gas smells, HVAC, leaks, flooded toilets, etc, will still need to be called in as usual and we will contact the correct technician to handle the situation. After the call you will still need to follow up with an online work order request.

We are committed to providing you with the best service possible.

Facilities Manager - Guy Grace
Senior Office Assistant - April Doty

Lead Maintenance Worker - Marvin Watson
Lead Grounds Worker Gardener - Joe Morgado
Senior Grounds Worker Gardener - Troy Ricard 

Maintenance Mechanics
   HVAC - Chris Meadors
   HVAC - Jeff Gibson (evening HVAC)

Senior Equipment Maintenance Workers
   HVAC, electrical, lighting, DVC/SRC - Gene Paris
   Electrical, lighting - Fred Jafari
   Pool, elevators, HVAC - Thomas Carmans
   Plumbing - Gordy Geranen

   West campus - Paul Smith
   East campus - Marco Gomes

   Ray Kendall
   Mike Smith
   David Sit

   Mark Jones 




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