Counseling/Library - division directory

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Bachtold, Lisa Classified Hourly Counseling
Bailey, Jamie L. Athletic Counselor x2297 C-136
Canada, Yvonne Counselor x2291 C-126
Carey, Valarie Instructor (part-time) x2276 C
Carter, Cheryl Counselor x2286 C-122
Christiansen, Abla Instructor (part-time) x2276 C
Delgado, Rita Counselor x2292 C-129
Dorado, Maria Counselor x2299 C
Foley, Stephanie Instructor (part-time) x2362 C-126
Franco, Dennis Instructor, Department Chair x2296 C-128
Garcia, Christine R. Office Assistant II x2662 C-109A
Gonzales, Mike Counselor x2285 C-144
Green, Geri Instructor (part-time) x2297 C-136
Harrington-Tsai, Christie Classified Hourly x2276 C
Hintz, Sheri Office Assistant II x2661 C-109A
Ingersol, Cathleen Office Assistant II (hourly) x2660 C-109A
Isham, Mark Counselor x2289 C-127
LeMay, Cheryll Counselor, Department Chair x2284 C 112
Lefort, Yvonne Instructor (part-time) x1692 C-101
Lomeli, Rosa Instructor (part-time) x2276 C
Mangante, Lucilla Senior Office Assistant x2110 C-109A
Martinez, Jeanne Senior Office Assistant x2663 C-113
Maruyama, Merv Counselor x2294 C-128
Moore, Kristin L. Instructor (part-time) x2276 C
Okay, Carol Counselor x2613 C-140
Onizuka, Glenn Counselor x2289 C-128
Padover, Steve Counselor x2279 C-142
Peters, Rob Counselor x2295 C-131
Rudolph, Carolyn Instructor (part-time)
Stanfield, Paula Counselor x2797 C-134
Taylor, Karen Instructor (part-time) x1931 C-128
Veverka, Sara Instructor (part-time) x2282 C-128
Vilas, Danni Counselor x2281 C-125
Walton-Woodson, Cathy Supervisor x2282 C-112
Wothe, Kathleen Counselor x2293 C-130
Counseling and Support Services
Armstrong, Terry Counselor x2288 C 129
Counseling, Disability Support Services
Jester, Catherine Counselor x2276 C-124
Anderson, Barbara Library Assistant II x2706 Library
Brooks, Angie Librarian x2220 L-200A
Brown, Amelie Librarian x2387 L-212
Buchalter, Ann Instructor x2241 L-212
Chapman, Carole Instructor (part-time) L
DeLoach, Marva Cataloging Librarian x2780 Library
Dezember, Jason Librarian x2246 L-212
Dobb, Linda Faculty (Part-time), Library L212
Espiritu, Florence Librarian x2239 L-212
Hunt, Deborah Instructor (part-time) x2170 L
Jacobson, Michelle F. Librarian x2246 L-2nd floor
Jinter, Katherine Administrative Assistant x2241 L-222
Kiely, Daniel Librarian x2393 L-212
Kobzina, Norma Instructor (part-time) x2241 L-212
Lee, Karen T. Instructor L
Lundholm, Ben Faculty (Part-time), Library L212
McKenna, Jane Instructor x2241 L-222
Morris, Sonja x2246/1968 Library
Muth, Alicia Senior Library Assistant x2244 L-223
Patterson, Ann Instructor (part-time) x2241 L-212
Ruszel, Betsy A. Senior Library Assistant x2243 L-301
Sison, Ruth Bibliographic Instruction Librarian x2681 L-208
Taft, Lisa Librarian x2246 L-212
Till, Cathi Senior Library Assistant x2727 Library

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