DVC Tutoring Services - For Faculty
Referring Students for Tutoring:

While an instructor's referral to tutoring is not required, instructors and counselors are encouraged to refer students to their department's tutoring lab or center for assistance in improving  study skills,  critical thinking skills, test taking skills, note taking skills, comprehension of course content, writing skills and computational skills. 

Recommending Tutors for Hiring:

 Faculty are asked to assist in recruiting students from their classes and department. The first step in this process is to provide the potential tutor with a recommendation which attests to the student's ability to serve as a tutor, and to the student’s successful completion of required course work. Please consider whether you have any students in your current classes who combine the following qualities.

  • Strong verbal, analytical, and people skills
  • An interest in helping others
  • The flexibility to identify and work with different learning styles.
  • Completion of  courses  with a grade 'B' or better
    (this maybe in progress).
  • Interest in working as a tutor.

When you identify such students, please fill out the Faculty Recommendation Form and mail to the appropriate tutoring lab, center, or division office as indicated on the form.

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