What is transfer?

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Transferring refers to the process of a student moving from one institution of higher education to another. Students transfer for many reasons, perhaps, the most common being to pursue a degree higher than those offered at their current institution. The transfer process may be helped by agreements between colleges, transfer admission guarantees and other such programs. After transferring, students start an academic program at another institution with the knowledge that they will continue with their major and obtain an academic credential at the receiving institution. Many students begin their four-year bachelor's degree here at DVC by taking classes that transfer elsewhere.

Though in the U.S. millions of college students transfer each year, the process can be complicated. It involves academic planning to ensure courses will transfer, researching colleges to find those that meet your needs, preparing for your major, completing admission applications, submitting required documentation, transferring academic credits, and registering at your new school (see Transfer Process for more details).

To facilitate the process, the DVC Transfer Center has numerous resources for you. The Transfer Center is here to help you through the entire transferring process and to assist with all your needs, from scheduling appointments to meet with a four-year college representative, to helping you fill out your admission application. Simply stop by our office to get started.

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