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Division: Social Science
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Careers include psychotherapist, school psychologist, college professor, researcher, counselor and administrator. Most career options require more than two years of college study.

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Welcome to the Psychology Department.

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. DVC duck pondTopics of inquiry include self-concept, motivation, cognition, culture, meditation, learning, neuroscience, clinical assessment, personality, health, lifespan development, emotions and research methodology.

The Diablo Valley College psychology faculty are committed to offering courses that prepare students for transferring to four-year colleges and universities, AA/AS Degrees, professional certification and personal development. Diablo Valley College is a teaching institution. Therefore, class sizes are generally small and individual attention is common. Our faculty work hard to meet the educational needs of the increasingly diverse student population, while continuously honing their teaching skills.

The psychology faculty fundamental goals are to offer a wide range of courses that introduce students to ideas in psychology, to teach them to think critically and creatively about psychological issues and to offer a broad educational foundation for individuals interested in pursuing the study of human behavior. In order to meet the varying needs of students, we are committed to offering a wide range of day, evening, and online courses.


Associate in Arts - Psychology degree requirements


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