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Greetings History Department colleagues!  

Our Department leadership is split three ways:

Mickey Huff coordinates scheduling and faculty evaluations, and also handles faculty/student matters and disputes mhuff@dvc.edu

Melissa Jacobson is the representative to the Curriculum Committee for the Social Science Division, so handles SLOs and course rewrites mjacobson@dvc.edu 

Matthew Powell attends college-wide meetings and represents the history department institutionally on campus mpowell@dvc.edu

We are all available for questions or consultation anytime. Please e-mail to initiate a dialog. Thank you!

Here is a list of important dates and links to more information that will be helpful for the Spring 2013 term:

Important Dates for Spring

Current Academic Calendar

The links below and the matters to which they pertain are a part of all faculty professional responsibilities. Let's all try to be more informed about how to keep current on our SLOs, course rewrites, and course offerings for the betterment of our department and soon to be implemented major (transfer degree).

SLOs - These must be on your syllabi and kept current according to the college schedule.  Melissa Jacobson can address your concerns.

SLOs search and list

SLOs status

SLO facts

Course Outlines - These must be on your syllabi.  Melissa Jacobson can address your concerns.

Course outlines

Syllabus guide - Your syllabi should be based on the following guidelines. Mickey Huff can address your concerns.


Other Information

History Spring Schedule- Mickey Huff is the scheduler for the history area (first draft for Summer/Fall is January 25th):

History class schedule for spring 

Faculty/Staff - MULTIPLE LINKS for important information:

faculty index

Social Science Division Page:Social Science Division

History Area Page: History Directory

General Reminders

Faculty frequently asked questions

Here's to a successful and productive spring term!

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