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Eigen, Kathryn Instructor (part-time) x2250 FO-155
Francois, Samantha Instructor (part-time) FO 155
Jacobson, Melissa Instructor x2790 FO-249
Social Science (History)
Alixopulos, Hedrick Instructor (part-time) x1812 FO-132
Brazell, Carter Instructor (part-time) x1913 FO-256
George, Brian Instructor (part-time) x2550 FO-262
Gonzales, Manuel Instructor (part-time) x2433 FO-222
Graham, Katherine Instructor (part-time) x1844 FO-132
Haldan, Kent Instructor (part-time) FO-257
Huff, Mickey Instructor x2861 FO-255
Irwin, Mary Ann Instructor (part-time)
Powell, Matthew Instructor, Area Chair x2489 FO-127
Rawls, James Instructor (part-time) x2500
Steinberg, Michael Instructor (part-time) x1821
Stewart, Cheryl Instructor (part-time) x1529 FO-251
Tilles, Greg Instructor x2870 FO-255
Trempy, Robert Instructor (part-time) x1606 FO-132

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