Anthropology/sociology/social science program - SOCSC fall class schedule

Schedule of courses - fall 2014

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CourseSection #Title
DayHourRoomInstructorStart/Stop Dates
SOCSC-1104791The American Social Experience - (SC) - 3 Units
MW8:00-9:20amLA-120Foley, MFull Term
SOCSC-1111789Money, Power, and Politics in the United States - (SC) - 3 Units
MW9:30-10:50amLA-119Foley, MFull Term
SOCSC-1118239Money, Power, and Politics in the United States - (SC) - 3 Units
M7:00-9:50pmMA-103Huff, MFull Term
SOCSC-1208165Women and Social Change in the United States: 1890-Present - (SC) - 3 Units
TTH12:30-1:50pmMA-103Alvarado-Strasser, EFull Term
SOCSC-1231792American Popular Culture - (SC) - 3 Units
MW11:00-12:20pmLA-215Foley, MFull Term
SOCSC-155B1794Florence: Preparing for your Study Abroad Trip - (SC) - 1 Unit
W2:00-4:05pmBFL-102Hartshorn, M10/22 - 12/10
SOCSC-1636330French Life and Culture - (SC) - 3 Units
TTH4:25-6:30pmPARISKoblik, K9/09 - 12/04
 Note: This class is held in Paris. Contact the Study Abroad Office at (925) 969-2507, for further information.
SOCSC-2201796Women in United States Society - (SC) - 3 Units
TTH9:30-10:50amLA-218Alvarado-Strasser, EFull Term
SOCSC-2201797Women in United States Society - (SC) - 3 Units
TTH2:00-4:50pmPL-101Staking, K10/16 - 12/16
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