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Aczon, Michael Instructor (part-time) M-136
Alburger, Mark Instructor (part-time) M-136
Allata, Rachid Instructor (part-time) M-126
Appell, Glenn Instructor x2510 M-118
Bairos, Monte Instructor x2389 M-202
Bendich, John Instructor (part-time) x1665
Bigelow, Virginia Instructor (part-time) x1959 Classroom
Cook, Bruce Instructor x2809 M-115
Cowart, Steed Instructor (part-time)
Creighton, Randall Instructor (part-time) x2311 Classroom
Dahl-Shanks, Deborah Instructor (part-time) x1836 Online
Emigh, Elizabeth Instructor (part-time) x2311 Classroom
Flores, Richard Instructor (part-time) Classroom
Forlin, Gino Instructor (part-time) x1513
Kamprath, Richard Instructor (part-time) x1872
Kester, Nancie Instructor (part-time) x1825
Kuderna, Jerome Instructor (part-time) M-117
Lee, Owen Instructor x2809 M-116
Lewis, Daniel Instructor (part-time)
Michael, Doug Instructor (part-time) x2903 M-136
Moufarrej, Guilnard Instructor (part-time) x1847 Classroom
Oakley, Ashley Instructor (part-time) x2311 Classroom
Peppo, Bret Instructor, Department Chair x2713 M-118
Pricco, Evelyn Instructor (part-time) x1935
Sage, Stephen Instructor (part-time) Classroom
Scholz, Steven Instructor (part-time) x2311 Classroom
Simons, Mark Instructor (part-time) Classroom
Snyder, Rory Instructor x2452 M-117
Steidel, Mark Instructor x2657 M-105
Tsang, Dale Instructor (part-time) x1845
White, Timothy J. Instructor (part-time) x1660 M-136
Wolter, Bill Instructor (part-time)

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