Closed captioned media

All materials purchased by DVC must be closed captioned for the hearing impaired in compliance with the Rehabilitation ACT of 1973, Sections 504 and 508. The Media Services Coordinator can help you in your search for information. Call x2240.

If you need to show a closed captioned video, please contact the Media Center to discuss what equipment is available. A complete TV, VCR and decoder unit can be ordered on a cart or other devices can be attached to fixed equipment in your room. Many rooms have newer televisions that have captioning built in. Call x2248 or x2249 with your inquiry or request.

Section 504

  • Mandates that all education programs that receive federal funds are accessible to all students.
  • Uses total institutional budget as the measure of reasonableness.
  • Established disability rights as civil rights.

Section 508

  • All equipment that is purchased by federally funded programs must meet the information technology access guidelines.
  • If an adaptive version exists it must be purchased, regardless of additional cost, up to the limits of reasonableness.
  • The purchasing institution must have a system to insure the accessibility of all information and electronic technology.
  • Current technologies must be evaluated and necessary changes made.
  • States that receive Assistive Technology Act funds re required to comply with the provisions of this legislation.


  • Makes the requirements of the Rehab Act applicable nation wide, not just in programs receiving federal funds.
  • Requires that reasonable accommodation be provided in meeting the needs of individuals with disabilities.
  • Requires that a plan of compliance be established for every institution.
  • All equipment that is purchased by federally funded programs must meet the information technology access guidelines.

The Telecommunications Act of 1996

  • The standard is "readily achievable"
  • All telecommunications devices and services must be fully accessible by individuals with disabilities.
  • All video programming must be fully accessible by January 1, 1998 unless exempted by law.
  • Exempted programming must be 75% accessible by January 1, 2006.
  • The only specific educational exemptions are provided for ITFS programming.

What's the Bottom Line?

Any institution that is a recipient of Federal or State funds shall provide equal and equitable access to all of its programs, services, and facilities for individuals with disabilities.

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