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Computer Science and Mathematics
Calomino, Adrienne Instructor (part-time) MA-106
Abadia, Claudia Instructor (part-time) x1806 MA-106
Alabovskaya, Alexandra Instructor (part-time) MA-106
Andrade, Rodolfo Instructor (part-time) M
Bach, Dan Instructor x2800 MA-114
Bergland, Anne Instructor (part-time) MA-254
Bonacci, William Instructor (part-time) x1828 MA-240
Brecha, Jane Instructor x2801 MA-115
Carne, Roger Instructor (part-time) MA-106
Carter, Jamylle Instructor x2849 MA-119
Castro-Gonzalez, Gonzalo Instructor (part-time) MA-106
Cherkassky, Vladimir Instructor (part-time) MA-106
Collazo, Monte Instructor x2806 MA-252
Czapla, Elizabeth Instructor (part-time) MA
Edwards, Karen Instructor x2852 MA-124
Farmer, Phil Instructor (part-time) MA
Faulkner, David Instructor (part-time) x2853 MA-106
Feldman, Ira Instructor (part-time) x1655 MA-106
Freidenreich, Eric Instructor x2805 MA-258
Freidenreich, Jenny Instructor x2302 MA-121
Fuller, Peter Instructor (part-time) MA-106
Gilbert, Patricia Instructor (part-time)
Graham, Jennie Instructor (part-time) MA-106
Green, Ken Instructor (part-time) x1670
Green, Marilyn Instructor (part-time) MA-106
Harasimhan, Ramesh Instructor (part-time) MA
Harkness, Kathryn Instructor (part-time)
Hasner, Robert Instructor (part-time) x2853 MA-106
Horner, Ginny Instructor (part-time)
Jeh, Wesley Instructor (part-time) MA-106
Johnson, Dave Instructor x2817 MA-265
Kaeser, Richard Instructor (part-time) MA-106
Kanarsky, Margarita Instructor (part-time) MA
Keating, Katrina Instructor x2813 MA-120
Kindley, Jeff Instructor (part-time)
Klier, Richard Instructor (part-time) x2608 MA-106
Knight, Lynn Instructor x2821 MA-125
Kresch, Holly Instructor x2825 MA-116
Kurtzman, David Instructor (part-time) x1609 MA-106
Lam, Quan Instructor (part-time) MA-256
Lang, Lindsey Instructor x2850 MA-123
Lantzy, Henry V Instructor (part-time) MA-106
Leitner, Patty Instructor x2826 MA-263
Levy, Tina Instructor x2827 MA-264
Lin, Liling Math Lab Coordinator x2623 LC-200
Littig, Mary Ann Instructor (part-time) x1860 LC-200B
Luhring, Richard Instructor (part-time) x1859 MA-106
Lujan, Karen Senior Office Assistant x2624 LC-200
Lum, Munlok Instructor (part-time) x2853 MA-106
Magee, James Instructor x2828 MA-255
Maiti, Baishali Instructor (part-time) x1876 MA-106
McCarter, Sarah Instructor (part-time) x1976 MA-106
Mock, Jeff Instructor (part-time)
Month, Leslie Instructor x2807 MA-254
Moran, James Instructor x2836 MA-253
Mowry, Tom Instructor x2837 MA-266
Narasimhan, Ramesh Instructor (part-time) MA
Needham, Sam Instructor x2839 MA-262
Neely, Tom Instructor (part-time) MA-106
Nirgiotis, Ted Instructor x2841 MA-117
Osborne, Beatrice Instructor x2842 MA-118
Page, Ronald Instructional Assistant (hourly) MA
Parks, Will Instructor x2854 MA-127
Pinto, Vincenzo Instructor (part-time) MA-106
Prapavessi, Despina Instructor, Department Chair x2845 MA-122
Rinker, Mark Instructor (part-time) MA-106
Sabatini, Nick Instructional Assistant (hourly) MA
Santos, Rina Instructor (part-time) MA
Sarkis, Schubert Instructor x2846 MA-260
Stitt, Catherine Instructional Assistant LC-200
Tabara, TJ Instructor (part-time) MA-106
Tse, Yeeman Instructor x1942 MA-128
Turner, Stuart Instructor (part-time) MA-106
Vanderbilt, Read Instructor x2810 MA-261
Villatoro, Barbara Instructor (part-time) MA-106
Weber, Kathryn R. Instructor (part-time) MA
Whitaker, Michael Instructor (part-time)
Wilcox, Cheryl Instructor x2847 MA-256
Willett, Peter Instructor x2851 MA-126
Zhiv, Dmitriy Instructor (part-time) MA-106
Mathematics, Computer Science and Business Education
Westlake, Rachel Dean x2199 MA-267

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