Library technology - career potential

What can I do with a DVC Library Technology Certificate?

The student who has earned the library and information technology certificate will enjoy a broad range of career possibilities. The LT program prepares students for employment in public, school, and college libraries as well as libraries and information centers found in a variety of corporate and non-profit environments.

Libraries can be found in museums, hospitals, law offices, cultural and religious organizations, as well as publishing, software, and database companies. A large library often employs a team of library technicians, while a smaller library may employ just one technician to manage the library alone.

There are various titles for the jobs you will be qualified for with a DVC LT certificate of achievement: library technician, library assistant, library paraprofessional, instructional media assistant, information specialist, library media specialist, web site editor.

What is the job outlook for library technicians?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the employment of library technicians and assistants is expected to increase about 10 percent between 2008 and 2018.

What are the job duties of a library technician?

Libraries are changing rapidly, and a library technician is always learning new job skills. Consider some of the diverse responsibilities you will have in the complex world of information:

  • collect, organize, and retrieve information
  • use a variety of computer programs and databases
  • work with clients
  • teach people how to use the library
  • design and maintain web sites
  • manage circulation and interlibrary loans
  • cataloging
  • answer reference questions
  • supervise staff, student assistants, and volunteers
  • design displays
  • promote activities and services
  • work on community outreach programs
  • manage a department or small library
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