ATC instructions

ATC Classrooms and Labs:

  • College employees need a special card key to open classrooms or offices in the ATC. Please fill out the "Request for Key" form (found in your division office or Police Services), have it signed by your Dean, send it to Police Services via campus mail, and then collect the key from Police Services (call them first at ext. 22785 to make sure the key is ready).


  • You must contact the DVC Help Desk (x22576) to request a DVC Lab domain username and password to log on to the instructor computer in the ATC classroom. Your regular DVC domain username and password will not work.


  • If you have need for any special software, please contact the DVC Help Desk (ext. 22576) two to three months before your class begins.


  • Be sure to test your card key and your access to the instructor computer before the first day of class to be certain everything is in order!




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