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Dental Hygiene 

About dental hygiene contact the following:

Enrollment information
Call the department, 925-685-1230, ext. 2356, or visit


Click name for bio page if one is available. Dial 925-685-1230 and the extension (e.g., x1234) to call. Click the envelope icon to email.

Dental Hygiene
Day, Victoria Instructor x2774
Gardner, Tia Dental Administrative Secretary x2356 LHS-102
Lang, Gwen Instructor (part-time) x1873 LHS-101
Ortega, Elena Instructor (part-time) x2356 LHS-101
Pineschi-Petty, Adina Instructor (part-time) x2356 LHS-101
Pope-Lane, Yvonne Instructor (part-time) LHS-101
Powers, Pam Instructor x2358 LHS-103
Steeb, Tonette Instructor (part-time) LHS-101
Teel, Gay Instructor, Department Chair x2345 LHS-109
Thompson, Jody Instructor (part-time) LHS-101
Triplett, Janice Instructor (part-time) LHS-101
Tsang, Joan Instructor (part-time) x2356 LHS-101

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