Health sciences - department directory

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Health Science
Brostrand, Heather Instructor (part-time) LHS-210
Colchico, Kristen Instructor x2665 SC-309
Hammar, Kris Instructor x2407 SC-307
Muller, Beverly Instructor
Pratt, L. Darlene Instructor (part-time) LHS-210
Riccio, M. M. Instructor x1969 SC-303
Rittenhouse, Amanda Instructor x1820 SC-303
Weber, Wendy Instructor x2899 PE
Health Science (Addiction Studies)
Hewitt, Barbara Instructor, Addiction Studies Coordinator, Department Chair x2808 SC-308
Wapner, Donna Instructor x2467 SC-306
Physical Science and Engineering, Biological and Health Science
Goralka, Ray Dean (Interim) x2359 LHS-211

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