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EOPS Semester Progress Reports



Attention EOPS students! EOPS Progress Reports are required in order to remain in good-standing with EOPS.  You must complete your progress reports each semester you are an EOPS student.

For your convenience, information regarding the progress report is found on this web-page. EOPS students may download the EOPS Progress Report form as well as the instructions for completing the EOPS Progress Report. This information is also available in hard copy form in the EOPS Office.

Please see below for answers to frequently asked questions regarding the EOPS Progress Report.

When should Progress Reports be completed?
Progress reports should be completed between the 5th-9th weeks of the semester for full-term classes. For late-start/short-term classes, you will need to determine the midway point of the semester. It is best to see your instructor after your first exam or paper. Please contact your instructors during office hours or by appointment to complete the EOPS Progress Report. If you need additional progress report forms, feel free to print more copies. Be sure your name and ID number is on each page.

What if I have an online class?
For online classes, you may direct your instructor to this page to download the progress report. Or, you may correspond with your instructor via email, and attach that correspondence to the progress report.

How do I turn in my completed Progress Report?
Bring your completed EOPS Progress Report to your next scheduled counseling appointment for review with an EOPS counselor. If you have already completed both of your scheduled counseling appointments, please see an EOPS counselor during their EOPS drop-in time.

The new Progress Report process is designed for your success. For more information, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions(Students) link. For further assistance and to pick up copies of the progress report form, please stop by the EOPS Office in the Student Services Center, Room 214.


Note for online instructors: We have created a downloadable form that you may complete and email back to your EOPS student. Conversely, the student may download this form, and email it to you.

For more information about how the current EOPS Progress Report process was conceived, modified, and how it is currently working, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions (Faculty) link.



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