CARE program

CARE parent & son at Winter CelebrationPresident Judy Walters holding a baby at Winter CelebrationCARE Parent & child at Winter Celebration

Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE)


The CARE Program provides support services to assist single parents who are participating in CalWORKs/TANF, and have children thirteen years of age or younger. In order to be eligible for CARE, a new CARE student must be eligible for EOPS and be enrolled in 12.0 units. Exceptions can be made for students with disabilities enrolled in less than 12.0 units or new EOPS students who are considered full-time with 9.0 -11.9 units.


CARE has many benefits for students. It provides an opportunity to achieve educational, vocational, and occupational training goals that will contribute to a meaningful career and help to maintain a stable family lifestyle.

CARE Services

CARE students are eligible to receive all EOPS services. Additionally, CARE students may be eligible to receive the following "above and beyond" services:

  • Supplemental child care study-time grants
  • Supplemental book/supply vouchers
  • Single parent support groups and workshops
  • Winter Celebration for parent students and their family
  • "Rejuvenate Yourself" parent student conference and other special events, when funding is available
  • Free DVC parking permit
  • Regalement Meals Program (on-campus vouchers for food)
  • Gas cards


More CARE Information:


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For more information, visit the EOPS-CARE Office located on the first floor of the Student Services Center on the main DVC campus in Pleasant Hill. You may also call our office at 925-969-2123.

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