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Improve your study skills!

Make a big difference in your academic success. You can develop vital learning and studying skills when you download and use these handouts. Click on the name of the section you want to explore.


Sections of study skills:

Learning and studying

  • Effective study habits. “Distributed learning” is the most successful method for learning, along with the SQ4R method for reading, effective listening for note-taking and productive study groups for improving your memory.


Managing your time

  • Schedule your time well. Hints for making an effective schedule and suggests you try out and revise your schedule to suit what you actually do with your time.


Improving listening skills

  • Listening Skills. Listening is active, while hearing is passive. Here are signals to watch for when listening to an instructor.

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Taking notes

  • Lecture note-taking. These brief tips cover different styles of note-taking to adjust to the patterns of a topic or lecturer and the use of blanks in your notes for items you missed and will fill in by looking at a classmate’s notes.
  • Textbook note-taking. Textbook note-taking is a must and here are three techniques for doing it effectively.


Improving your concentration and memory

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Preparing for tests

  • Making and taking practice tests. Creating and taking practice tests will help you relax and build confidence. Here’s how to practice the exact behavior you will be required to perform during a test.


Taking tests

  • Rate your test-taking skill. This brief 10-point survey will help you decide what areas of test-taking strategies you need to review.
  • Fifteen tricks for improving your test-taking quotient. These 15 tricks begin with the suggestion you “overlearn” the material and end with the tip that you should review your corrected test, so you become test-wise. Tips for taking multiple-choice tests, reading comprehension tests and essay tests are included.

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Writing essay tests

  • How to take essay tests. Keys to writing successful, in-class essays are discussed in this handout, which also describes practical steps before writing the essay as well as some bonus techniques.


Reducing stress

  • Stress reduction exercises. Listed in this handout are 4 stress management exercises that can be done in just a few minutes every day.

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