ENGL-122 prerequisites

1. What exactly are the prerequisites for English 122?

The prerequisites for English 122 are English 116 and English 118 OR the equivalent skills demonstrated through the English assessment process. If the assessment process places you in both English 116 and English 118, you will need to pass both of these courses (with a C or better). If the assessment process places you in just one of these courses, you will have to pass that course (with a C or better) before you are allowed to enroll in English 122.

2. I think my assessment placement was inaccurate. What can I do?

You may retake the placement exam after waiting 7 days from the date of your first test. The test may be taken twice in your career at DVC.

3. My counselor advised me that I didn't have to take English 118 or English 116. Now I have heard that I might have to. What should I do?

All students must go through the assessment process and follow the appropriate placement to enroll in English 122.

4. I think I took the equivalent of English 118 and English 116 at another college. What should I do?

You have fulfilled the prerequisites if you have completed the equivalent of these courses with a grade of C or better at another college. Bring your transcripts to your counselor or the Admissions Office to see whether the courses you took are equivalent.

5. I have been through the assessment process at another college. Do those results count?

The results of the assessment process at another college will be accepted at DVC. You will placed into the courses equivalent to those you were placed into by the other assessment process.

6. I ‘m not certain when I went through the assessment process, but it was probably more than two years ago. How can I find out my results? Do those results still count?

Your counselor will have the results of your assessment and those recommendations will still be in effect. However, we recommend that you consider going through the assessment process again. The course content and the skills needed to pass English 116, 118, and 122 have changed in the last two years; all of these courses have more consistent and higher standards now.

7. Can I retake the assessment test in the assessment center?

Yes, students may retake the assessment tests in the assessment center whenever the assessment is being offered. Your new results will be considered part of the assessment process by your counselor.

8. I have taken English 118 but not English 116. Do I have to take them both before taking English 122?

Yes. Since both English 118 and 116 are the prerequisites, if the assessment process placed you into English 116, you would have to take English 116 and pass it with a C or better in order to enroll in English 122.

9. I was recommended to English 122 and English 116. Do I have to take English 116?

Yes. That recommendation means you were recommended for English 122 for writing but to English 116 for reading. You must complete English 116 with a grade of C or better before enrolling in English 122.

10. When can I take the English Prerequisite Placement test?

Students may take the placement exam twice in their career at DVC, with at least seven (7) days in between tests. Please check the Assessment Center website to check their testing schedule and to make an appointment for testing.





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