English department

english department

Chair: Toni (Antonia) Fannin
Learning Center/ESL  
  Katy Agnost
  FO-110  LC-112
  Ellen Kruse
  FO-238  LC-114
Division: English
Directory: English faculty and staff

Possible career opportunities 

Career opportunities include: advertising copy writer, columnist, editor, information specialist, interpreter, lawyer, lexicographer, legislative assistant, publisher, researcher, teacher, technical writer, and writing consultant. Some career options may require more than two years of college study.

Associate degree and certificate program information

Degrees and certificates offered by the English Department

Associate in arts degree

  • English (ENGL)


Associate in arts for transfer

  • English (ENGL)   new program


ENGL class schedules

fall ENGL class schedule

spring ENGL class schedule

summer ENGL class schedule



ESL class schedules

fall ESL class schedule

spring ESL class schedule

summer ESL class schedule



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Welcome to the English Department's web pages! Your success in English classes is essential to success in many careers. You will always do better when you know how to read and think critically and express your points well in writing.

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