Dental Laboratory Technology Department

 dental laboratory technology

Chair:     Hilton Carter
Division:   Biological and Health Sciences
Directory: Dental laboratory technology faulty and staff

Possible career opportunities

Most graduates find placement as technicians in dental laboratories.

Associate degree and certificate information

Degrees and certificates offered by the Dental Laboratory Technology Department

Associate in science degree

  • Dental laboratory technology (DENTE)


Certificate of achievement

  • Dental laboratory technology (DENTE)


Dental Laboratory Technology Department class schedules

spring DENTE class schedule

summer DENTE class schedule

fall DENTE class schedule


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Public awareness of the importance of preventive dentistry continues to rise. Along with this comes an increased demand for the services of the dental laboratory technician. Further, with the increase in availability of dental insurance plans and the steady increase in life expectancy, more and more Americans are finding a need for artificial teeth.

The Diablo Valley College dental laboratory technology program prepares students for entry to mid-level employment in a dental laboratory where they will construct removable and fixed prosthetic appliances; construct and cast inlays, crowns and bridges; and prepare ceramic crown inlays, onlays and composite (metal-free) restorations.

As a dental laboratory technology student you will develop an in-depth understanding of the wide variety of duties performed in the dental laboratory.

Students will learn:

  • basic laboratory procedures
  • dental language
  • technical skills in a variety of areas
  • equipment maintenance
  • how to mix various materials
  • people skills

The program of classroom instruction and laboratory work experience in DVC's own dental laboratory is designed to prepare graduates for employment in commercial laboratories, private dental offices or in a government civil service position chiefly with the Veteran's Administration or the Department of the Army.

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