Counseling directory

Click name for bio page if one is available. Dial 925-969-2140 to call. Click the envelope icon to email.

Armstrong, Terry Athletic Counselor, General Counselor 969-2150
 Boland, Sarah Instructor (part-time)  
Bailey, Jamie L. Athletic Counselor, General Counselor 969-2153
Canada, Yvonne Counselor/Instructor 969-2152
Carter, Cheryl Counselor 969-2168
Christiansen, Abla Instructor (part-time)  
 Conde, Kellie DSS Counselor 969-2171
 Dannels, Lupe Counselor 969-2156
Delgado, Rita Counselor 969-2163
Dorado, Maria Counselor 969-2162
 Dougan, Raine EOPS Counselor 969-2160
Foley, Stephanie Instructor (part-time)  
Franco, Dennis Counselor/Instructor, Department Co-Chair 969-2151
Gonzales, Mike Counselor 969-2164 
Isham, Mark Counselor 969-2154 
 Jamshidnejad, Christie Counselor/Instructor 969-2165 
Jester, Catherine  DSS Counselor 969-2170 
 Luciano, Nancy  Counselor - San Ramon/Pleasant Hill  866-6238 
LeMay, Cheryll Counselor/Instructor       Department Chair 969-2155
Lomeli, Rosa Instructor (part-time)  
Maruyama, Merv Articulation Officer 969-2159 
Moore, Kristin L. Instructor (part-time)  
 Munoz, Ted Counselor - San Ramon/Pleasant Hill 866-6239
Okay, Carol Counselor 969-2166
Padover, Steve Counselor 969-2167 
Peters, Rob Counselor 969-2169 
Stanfield, Paula EOPS Counselor 969-2161
Vilas, Danni Counselor 969-2158
 Warren, Carolyn Instructor (part-time)  
Wothe, Kathleen Counselor 969-2157
Counseling and Support Services
 Garcia, Christine R. Office Assistant II 969-2141
Mangante, Lucilla Senior Office Assistant 969-2138 
Martinez, Jeanne Senior Office Assistant 969-2142 
 Morgado, Allison Office Assistant II  969-2144 
Counseling, Office Supervisor
Walton-Woodson, Cathy Supervisor 969-2148

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