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chemistry department

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Arnaiz, Damian Instructor (part-time) PS-275
Batool, Iffat Professor (Adjunct) PS-263
Borowski, Leon Professor x2410 SC-206
Burns, Laura Professor x2405 PS-220
Campbell, Kent Professor (Adjunct) x1562 PS-153
Chuma, Anthony Instructor PS 257
Corcoran, Maura T. Instructor (part-time) PS
DeGray, Janice Instructor
Gerken, Craig Assistant Professor x2227 PS-241
Haese, Nathan Instructor (part-time) PS
Halpin, David Instructor (part-time) PS
Hein, Claudia Professor, Department Chair x2166 PS-249
Held, Heike Professor (Adjunct) PS
Hickey, Joseph P. Instructor PS253
Hoekje, Stuart Professor (Adjunct) PS-263
Hrovat, James Professor (Adjunct) PS
Johnson, Jennifer Professor (Adjunct) x2423 PS-239
Khazaeli-Parsap, Poupak Instructor (part-time) x2423 PS-257
Larson, Wayne Professor x2831 PS-222
Long, Karen Professor x2272 SC-311
Martinovic, Valeria Instructor (part-time) PS
Mols, Ole Professor (Adjunct) PC-263
Mossman, Craig Professor (Adjunct) PS-155
Myambo, Ken Lab Coordinator x2567 PS-223A
Ruehl, Jean Assistant Professor x2723 PS-245
Rusay, Ron Professor x2508 SC-202
Samuelson, Richard Professor (Adjunct) x2423 PS-263
Ulrich, Mary Professor, Department Chair x2404 PS-247

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