Pre-Apprenticeship Program - FAQs


Q. What is a Career Advancement Academy?

A.  CAAs accelerate student progress by integrating work readiness, career guidance, support services, contextualized basic skills, language learning and career technical training. Students take classes together as a cohort, forming a peer learning community.  Math and English classes are contextualized focusing on concepts and material used in the industry.

Q. How long does the program take to complete?

A. The Pre-Apprenticeship Program is completed in one term and is offered each spring.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Currently tuition is $46.00 per unit.  However, the cost of tuition for the Pre-apprenticeship CAA is covered by the East Bay Career Advancement Academy grant for the Spring 2013 semester. 

Q. What other costs are involved?

A. Books average about $400 and students parking on campus must purchase a parking permit for the term which currently is $40. Students also need a calculator and general school supplies amounting to about $50. Students may be eligible for financial aid to cover these expenses. The program may also have books to loan. Check with the program director for further information. 

Q. How do I know what math and English course to choose?

A. By taking the math and English assessments though the DVC Assessment Center you will learn the correct level math and English for you.

Q. Can I take just a few of the classes or do all classes need to be taken at once?

A. During the duration of the grant, all classes must be taken at once. The Pre-apprenticeship CAA is a learning community or cohort where the same group of students take all the same classes during the semester. 

Q. Am I guaranteed a job at the end of the program?

A. No, but upon successful completion of the program you may be eligible for a recommendation for direct entry into the NorCal Labors Apprenticeship Program or receive priority status into the Carpenter Training committee for the Northern California Pre Apprenticeship Program. We are currently working on developing agreement with other unions and training programs.  With the support from our well trained staff you will be prepared to network, present your resume, look for jobs, go on interviews, and much more.

Q. What if I don’t complete the program all at once? Will I still get college credit for the classes I did complete?

A. Yes, you will get college credits for the classes you pass. 




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