Volunteer services


Why should I volunteer?

  *Receive a certificate of completion for hours worked.
  *Earn up to four units through Co-op Education.
  *Enhance university and scholarship applications.
  *Create important business contacts in the community.
  *Gain experience in your academic or future career field.
  *Learn from individuals who work in a field related to your own.
  *Make a difference in your life and in the lives of others.

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How do I volunteer?

1) Find a volunteer position in one of three ways:

a) Come to the Career & Employment Center and ask for assistance. Our staff know where to look, and will work to find you the best match for your career and/or educational goals.
b) Visit an organization or company in which you are interested and ask if they are looking for volunteer assistance.
c) Ask friends, family and teachers if they know of any volunteer opportunities.

2) Once you have found a position in which you are interested, contact the agency and set up an appointment/interview.

3) If the agency offers you the position and you accept:

a) Pick up the Volunteer Handbook from Career & Employment Services.
b) Both you and your supervisor should complete and sign the agreement form and return it to the Career & Employment Services Center before you begin your volunteer hours.
c) You should complete the Volunteer Time sheet by logging your hours each time you work. You and your supervisor should sign the time sheet, and return it by the due date at the end of the

What are the certificate requirements?

*Volunteer agency must be located off-campus
*Must be 18 years old.
*Must be a current DVC student with a student ID number
*Must submit application form and time sheet by the due dates.(Late forms will NOT be accepted)
*Must complete a one semester-long commitment, or 60 hours to be eligible


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