ISSA (Informed Student Self Assessment):

In addition to assessing your skills and background in math, the ISSA explores your overall time commitments and activities outside of math. This test is available online and may be taken multiple times. Students do not come to the Assessment Center to take this test, as it is designed to be taken at your convenience at any computer of your choice with internet access. This test is designed for students who haven't completed Algebra II or higher within the last two years, or who are uncertain of their current math skill level. This test is all that is required for placement into Math 75 - Math 120.  No additional testing is needed for these classes. Students should only make an appointment to take the College Level Math test if they excel on the highest level of the ISSA and feel that they are ready for college level math courses.


This test is used for placement into:                  

Math 075 - Arithmetic and Prealgebra

Math 90 - Elementary Algebra (formerly this class was named Math 110)

Math 90E - Elementary Algebra with Study Skills

Math 94 - Statway I

Math 114 - Geometry

Math 120 - Intermediate Algebra


# of questions:

15 multiple choice questions

4 levels of testing available ranging from Pre-Algebra to Algebra II


Time Limit:

None. Students take the test(s) at home at their own pace.


Re-test Policy:

Each test can be taken as many times as a student likes. 


Other Information:


Students should keep a print out of their scores for their records and proof of completion.

Scores from each day are uploaded the next morning by 10 a.m. You will be able to register for your class after that time.










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