English assessment

English Test:

The English Assessment consists of two parts; Reading Comprehension is used to place students into the appropriate reading class, and WritePlacer® is used to place students into the appropriate writing class.


# of Questions:

The Reading Comprehension test is composed of 20 multiple choice questions.  The Writing test  (WritePlacer®) asks you to write a 300 - 600 word essay.


Time Limit:

The English test has an appointment time of 1 hour and thirty minutes. The writing test has a 40 minute time limit. 


Re-test Policy:

The English Assessment may be taken twice.


Other Info:


If you are taking the English test for the first time, you MUST take the whole English Assessment test in one sitting; you cannot book reading and writing separately. If you are re-testing on both sections you MUST to do so in one sitting. If you have previously taken an English placement test with us and tested into English 122 in either section, OR if you have completed English 116 or
118 with a C or better, OR have been excused because of other exemptions, then you MUST take only the needed portion of the test. Students who sign up for the wrong test will be required to reschedule for the appropriate test session. Please book your test accordingly.


These tests are used for placement into the following classes:

*English 96 – Introduction to College Reading

*English 98 – Introduction to College Writing

*English 116 – College Reading Development

*English 118 – College Writing Development

*English 122 – Freshman English: Comp and Reading













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