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What do I need to know before booking my appointment?


1 - Decide which test(s) you need to take. You will have completed this in Step 1. If not, click here.


2 - Decide where you would like to take your assessment test:

Pleasant Hill Campus                       San Ramon Campus
321 Golf Club Road                         1690 Watermill Road
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523                   San Ramon, CA 94582
                     Map                                               Map


2 -  Look at our testing schedules to determine what day and time would work best with your schedule.


Pleasant Hill Testing Schedule             San Ramon Testing Schedule


3 - Review the following information:


  • Appointments can be made up to seven (7) days in advance, and students may only book two (2) appointments per week.


  • If you are taking the English test for the first time, you MUST take the whole English Assessment test in one sitting; you cannot book reading and writing separately. If you are re-testing on both sections you MUST to do so in one sitting. If you have previously taken an English placement test with us and tested into English 122 in either section, OR if you have completed English 116 or 118 with a C or higher, OR have been excused because of other exemptions, then you MUST take only the needed portion of the test. Students who sign up for the wrong test will be required to reschedule for the appropriate test session. Please book your test accordingly.


  • If a student books two of the same kinds of appointments within the seven day time period then the second appointment will be cancelled. For example, if a student books an English test at 9 a.m. on Monday and 2 p.m. on Tuesday or on the same day then their second appointment (2 p.m.) will be cancelled.


  • Testing is performed as a group. Therefore all students should arrive 10 minutes before their scheduled appointment. Late comers will not be granted access to testing as this would be disruptive to the group.


  • Spaces for testing are very limited, so students are only able to book two appointments per week.


  • If a student fails to attend a scheduled test without cancelling, a “no-show”, for two appointments they will be blocked from making appointments for one week (7 days).


  • If a student fails to attend three appointments they will be blocked from making any further appointments for the rest of the semester.


  • If you are unable to attend your appointment please be sure to cancel prior to your appointment time, preferably 24 hours in advance, to allow other students access to the testing facility. Properly cancelling an appointment does not count as a no-show. Please see Step 6 for instructions on how to cancel your appointment.


  • The Assessment Center does not permit children in the testing room during testing sessions as this can be a distraction to the testers. We can also not be responsible for children left unsupervised in the office. Please make childcare arrangements prior to testing.




Need more information?  Still more questions?


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 What should I expect on the day of testing?  Click Step 4 to find out!


Pleasant Hill Campus                                           San Ramon Campus

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