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Coordinator: Joann Denning
Division: Applied and Fine Arts
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Possible career opportunities

Multimedia or graphic design jobs cover all ends of the creative spectrum. Some possible career options include website designer/developer, multimedia designer, computer-graphic artist, animator and cartoonist, interface designer, instructional designer, production artist, video specialist, audio specialist, multimedia programmer, technical writer, informational designer, multimedia company executive, internet consultant, and computer game designer.

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The art digital media program prepares students for entry-level employment in the art digital media industry. As an art digital media student, you can choose to focus on one of five specialty areas: digital imaging, web design, motion graphics, 3D animation and digital audio. This program of study will provide you with the design and technical skills needed to create projects for CD-ROM and DVD, the world wide web, and digital video.

If you complete our certificate of achievement you will take classes that both enrich you skills as an individual creative professional and expose you to the collaborative environment frequently encountered in industry. Students completing our certificate of achievement also complete classes that explore career opportunities in computer-based creative production while simultaneously developing a portfolio that is appropriate to their skill set.

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