Admission procedures for graduating high school seniors

Graduating high school seniors:

(Applying for DVC admission during last semester or year of high school)

Step 1 Complete a DVC admission application. (Complete Special Admission Recommendation Form if you will be attending Counseling-095 "Orientation to College" while you are still in high school).
Step 2 Take English and Math Assessment.
Step 3 Apply for financial aid and Extended Opportunity Program and Services (EOPS) as necessary.
Step 4 Submit official high school transcripts to the Admissions and Records office.
Step 5 Register for Counseling 095 College Orientation.
Step 6 Register for classes on or after your assigned registration date.
Step 7 Pay fees.
Step 8 Obtain a DVC student identification card.

College admission application:

All students must complete an Admission Application except currently enrolled students. Applications are valid for one academic year. If you are a former DVC student who missed an academic year of attendance (Spring and Fall), you must submit a new application. If you are still in high school, please review the High School Student Procedures first.

Assessment is a two hour session that measures your current skills in reading, writing, and math. These tests will meet prerequisites for certain courses and will help your advisor in recommending the most appropriate courses for your educational goals. Once you have completed the assessment process you are eligible to attend a Counseling 095 course. Please contact the Assessment Center for a testing schedule, 925-685-1230, ext. 2545.

Students may be exempt from assessment if the following requirements are satisfied:

English - Students who have completed a college English course, or have earned a score of 3 on the English portion of the College Board Advance Placement English test.

Math - Students who have completed a college math course, or have earned the score of 3 on the math portion of the College Board Advance Placement Math test (AB or BC).
If English and Math requirements have been met at other colleges or through AP testing, students must bring the appropriate documentation to the Admissions and Records office (official transcripts and/or test scores).


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