Susan Browne
First name: Susan
Last name: Browne
Title: Instructor
Department: English
Description: Faculty
Office: FO-116
Campus: Pleasant Hill
Extension: 2483
Susan Browne


Susan Browne
Title: Professor
Dept.: English
Phone: 925-685-1230, ext. 2483
Office: FO-116
Office Hours:
Mon: online
Tue: see onland syllabus
Wed: online

Education: Susan Browne was educated at California State University, and at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She has B.A. and M.A. degrees in Literature and Writing. 

Experience: Susan Browne's poetry has appeared in Ploughshares, Subtropics, River City, Margie, The River Styx, Alaska Quarterly Review, Clackamas Review, Gargoyle, The Sun, The Mississippi Review, and other literary journals and anthologies, such as The Poet's Companion; Ordinary Genius; and 180 More, Extraordinary Poems for Every Day, edited by Billy Collins. She has received awards for her poetry from The Chester H. Jones Foundation, The National Writer's Union, the Los Angeles Poetry Festival, and the River Styx International Poetry Contest. Her first book of poetry, Buddha's Dogs, was selected as the winner of The Four Way Books Prize by Edward Hirsch. ( Susan's poems have recently appeared on Garrison Keillor's Writer's Almanac, and Ted Kooser's American Life in Poetry. ( ( She teaches composition, creative writing and literature courses at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, California. She also teaches poetry writing workshops online.  For more information on her private workshops: Her second book of poetry, Zephyr, was published in summer, 2010 ( Currently, she is working on a memoir.

Courses or Services:  There are no face-to-face meetings for my online courses.  My online class are not on WebCT; they are on Course Compass. You must have an access code and the Course ID number in order to access your online class. So read on to find out more about getting online for your class.

Important note about BEING DROPPED FROM THE ROSTER:  You must be online doing the work of the class by the first day of the first week of the class; otherwise, you will be dropped so another student can take your place.  For onland classes, you must be in attendance in the class on the first day of the class, or you will be dropped so another student can take your place.  There will be no exceptions to this policy.

Important note about Waitlisting, Adds, and Closed Classes:  Please read my policy about waitlisting, adds, and closed classes.  
You can find this policy after the other information about courses and required texts.  Important note: The Depletion of the California State Budget has caused serious cuts in classes and student services.

HOW TO GET ONTO YOUR ONLINE CLASS: (Only if you are on the class roster):  A few weeks before class starts, I will email you your COURSE ID number. 

You must go to the Course Compass website and buy an access code for that COURSE ID number.  The DVC bookstore will also have some codes you can purchase.  With your access code and the COURSE ID number, you can enroll in your online courses on the Course Compass Website.

Go to: and register.

Make sure you have your books BEFORE the class starts, unless I state differently below.  Look at the books listed and find out what you need to purchase.  Summer school students:  It is important to have your books and be prepared before the class begins.  The summer session is very brief.  You must be ready to read and do the assignments as soon as the semester starts. 

The COURSE ID number for your online class will be available a few weeks before class starts.  I will email this ID number to you.  If you don't receive it from me, then email me at  You must be on the DVC roster in order to receive this Course ID number.  Make sure you check and read your DVC email; that is the address where I send information to you, regarding classes.

For all classes:  READ YOUR DVC email to check for information sent to you about the class.  Check the DVC bookstore for the list of books for each class.

General Information:

There are no face-to-face meetings for online courses.

If you have the access code and the Course ID number, and still have problems getting on the website, then call Course Compass: 800-677-6337.

When you are on the Course Compass website for your particular class, go to Announcements. Please make sure you read the syllabus in Course Information very carefully and thoroughly. It has all the assignments listed. It has the explanation for the entire course. Your careful reading of the syllabus is the first step in having a great online class and earning the grade you wish to earn.  In every email you send to me, please put your full name and the course you are taking (224, 122, 126, 223, or 153) in the subject heading of your email. Please do this each time you send an email to me.

About Adds, Closed Classes, and Waitlisting:
Keep checking the Web Advisor to see if any spaces open up. I cannot respond to phone calls or emails; there are too many to return, and I am not able to add students to a class which is at maximum.  I keep the list of emails I receive, and if there is a space that opens up, I will email you.

Every student has an important story and reason why he/she needs a particular class. I teach four to five classes each semester, and that is approximately 130 students. It is impossible, personally and educationally, to take more students into any class over the legal maximum. The administration is responsible for opening more sections, not the instructor. If you have trouble finding an open section, contact the administration: the Dean of English.

The California State Budget is depleted. This has caused colleges and universities to limit their course offerings.

To find out more about the California State Budget and what you can do, go to this address:


Even if you are on the waitlist, that does not mean you will be in the class. It depends on whether already registered students drop the class during the first week, or do not show up on the first day.  If you are on the waitlist, you must attend the first day of the onland class.  There will be a lottery for any available spaces. 

For online waitlisted students: I will email you by the end of the first week if I'm able to add you to the class.

After the first week of class, there will be no adds to any of my closed classes.

Unfortunately, in recent semesters, I've experienced rude behavior on the part of some students who want to add classes that are closed and who will not take "no" for an answer.  The situation is difficult-- the depletion of the California budget, which has resulted in all the closed classes-- but that is not something I can do anything about.  Please be advised not to harass the instructor.  This lack of civility is becoming a serious problem at the college, and names of students will now be submitted for disciplinary action if harassment occurs.

If I do not email you back, that means the class is closed.  The Web Advisor is often not correct the first weeks of class; the instructor knows more than the Web Advisor.  Please do not keep emailing me about closed classes. 

*You must be on the roster printed out by DVC in order to be in the class.  Opening other sections of a class is not the responsibility of the instructor. It is the responsibility of the DVC administration.


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