Marcia Goodman
First name: Marcia
Last name: Goodman
Title: Professor
Department: English
Description: Faculty
Office: FO-241
Campus: Pleasant Hill
Extension: 2612
Marcia Goodman

Marcia Renée Goodman

Title: Professor of English

Office Hours: Please check syllabus, office door, or the English department office.

Ph.D., UC Berkeley
M.A., UC Berkeley
B.A., SUNY Stony Brook

Marcia Renée Goodman has taught at DVC since 1995. Before that she taught composition and writing across the curriculum at UC Davis, and teacher research and literature for teachers through the CRESS Center and UCD Extension. She has also held a variety of administrative positions during her career, including DVC Department Chair of English, Associate Director of the CRESS Center at UC Davis, and Director of Academic Affairs at University of Phoenix, Online.

Marcia teaches across the English curriculum at DVC. She teaches Freshman Reading and Composition (English 122), Critical Thinking and Literature (English 123), and a variety of other courses, including Creative Writing  (English 222) and Developmental Writing (English 118), Shakespeare (English 154), and the British Survey Courses (English 252 and 253).

Marcia's poems, essays, and stories have appeared in journals and collections such as The Iconoclast, Writing on the Edge,  The Cancer Poetry Project Book, Emrys, Box of Rocks, and The Modoc News. Her academic articles have appeared in The Dickens Studies Annual and Visions and Re-visions: Research for Writing Teachers.

Current Interests:
Marcia has a longstanding interest in psychology and literature. She is an avid reader of contemporary poetry. She continues to be fascinated by the writing process, both of student and professional writers.  In Fall of 2009, she will be working on a sabbatical project developing curriculum that employs the reading, writing, and performing of plays to teach critical thinking and analysis of ideas.


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