Amer Araim
First name: Amer
Last name: Araim
Title: Instructor (part-time)
Department: Social Science (Political Science)
Description: Faculty
Office: FO-237
Campus: Pleasant Hill
Extension: 1903
Amer Araim

Office Hours:

Summer 2012

Mondays - Thursday


B.A. Law, Baghdad University, 1964

M.A. Government and Politics, St. John's University, Queens, New York, 1976

Ph.D. Political Science, New York State University, Binghamton, 1989

Teaching Experience:

1976-1977, Lecturer at the Iraqi Diplomatic Institute

1978-1998, Lecturer on Apartheid and Decolonization

2000/2001, Lecturer at Dowling College, New York, and Long Island University

2003 to present, Adjunct Professor, Diablo Valley College, Department of Social Science

2005-2008, Adjunct Professor, San Francisco State University

Diplomatic Experience:

1964-1978, Iraqi Foreign Service including assignment as Counselor with the Iraqi Delegation to the United Nations (1973-1976). In that capacity elected as Vice-chairman of the Fourth Committee of the United Nations General Assembly (1975) and Chairman of the Sub-Committee on Petitions and Information of the United Nations Special Committee on Decolonization (1974 and 1975)

1978-1999, Political Affairs Officer and in 1982 promoted to Senior Political Affairs Officer of the United Nations. In that capacity served as Secretary of the United Nations Special Committees against Apartheid and on Decolonization.

Religious,Interfaith and other Activities

1999 to Present: Muslim imam

1999 to 2001: member of the Interfaith Councils of Long Island.

2002 to present of the Executive Committee of the interfaith Council of Contra Costa County and its Social Justice Alliance and its Committee on Health and Faith in Action.

2005 to present member of the Middle East Study Group

2008 to present, President of the Islamic Community Outreach of California (

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