Accreditation update - Recommendation 3 ACCJC

President's Message

September 9, 2009

Work Group Leads are: Dona DeRusso, Ray Goralka, and John Baker

President’s Note: this Work Group looked at Program Review in three areas: Student Services, Administrative Services, and Instructional Program Reviews. This work was integrated with Work Group One and Two. I need to also add the note that the October 15, 2009 report is being edited to fit a specific format for ACCJC and as such there may be some changes to this excerpt currently being provided to the college community.

Recommendation 3: Program Review

The team recommends that Diablo Valley College fully implement Recommendation 1 in the 2002 Accreditation Evaluation Report which states:

  • Implementation of a uniform process of program review which includes direct evidence of student learning and is used to inform and influence planning and resource allocation and leads to improvements in programs and services. (Standards IB3, IB4, IIA1, IIA2, IIB1, IIB4, IIIA6, IIC2, IIID1a, IVA5, IVB2b)


Six outcomes resulted from the work group’s activities: (1) revision of the student services program review process to be tied directly to the college-wide planning and resource allocation processes; (2) revision of the instructional unit program review template and process to assure compliance with accreditation standards and CCCCD Board Policy 4008; (3) improvement of the administrative program review process through standardization of its template components, in accordance with the standards of good practice; (4) alignment of processes from program review with college-decision making, planning and resource allocation; (5) formation of an integrated annual and cumulative five-year calendar for planning and program review (Integration Timeline) and resource allocation; (6) and creation of mechanisms to address continuous improvement, including an overall improved program review process and the formation of the Integration Council, as presented in Recommendation 1 and 2.

DVC’s revised program review processes all tie directly to planning and resource allocation and require direct evidence of student learning, leading to improvements in programs and services (IB).

Plan of Action

During 2009-10, twenty-four instructional programs, five student services programs and four administrative programs will complete a more detailed program review using the new, uniform process and timeline. The remaining programs will complete an annual program review update during this academic year. Annual Program Reviews will include a progress update on the college strategic directions, unit goals, student learning outcomes, and a response to recommendations from the program review committee regarding resource needs.

During spring 2010, ranked recommendations will be forwarded to the Integration Council for recommendations regarding the allocation of available funds. This new process will be evaluated and revised as necessary. Upon completion of the annual cycle, each program will evaluate the templates and process in order to provide input for continuous improvement.

During fall 2009, the college will: Revise the template for administrative program review; establish an Administrative Program Review Advisory Committee; develop and adopt a procedure codifying the program review process and standardizing the summary sheets; develop and adopt a program discontinuance procedure.

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