DVC Goals (Strategic Directions)

President's Message

September 29, 2010

Diablo Valley College Goals (Strategic Directions)

We have made a couple of changes to this document. The goals and strategies remain constant, however we have changed some titles to be consistent with the Glossary of Terms in College Procedure 1010.01 Integrated Planning. We have also listed not only College Strategic Directions, but also those of the CCCCD in order to provide a more convenient cross walk. These College-wide goals (strategic directions) and strategies are for the 2010-2011, 2011-12, and 2012-13 academic years. DVC has taken a bold step by agreeing to work on these strategic directions for the next three years.

In order to make progress on these goals (strategic directions) and strategies, they are to be integrated into program reviews currently being done by instructional, student services and administrative units. That does not mean that all program reviews have to address all strategies, but the goals and action plans from the program reviews must be aligned with the strategic directions and strategies from this list. This will ensure that our planning process and allocation of college resources is linked to our strategic directions and strategies.

Diablo Valley College

Goals and Strategies, 2010-11: 11-12 12-13

Goals (College Strategic Directions)


District Strategic Directions

Student Learning and Success

The college will increase the percentage of students who: transfer, receive relevant and timely training for the workplace and, are proficient in Basic Skills while narrowing the transfer, achievement and proficiency gaps across all subgroups.

1.1. Support an environment that fosters and enhances student learning and achievement.

1. Student Learning & Success

2. College Awareness & Access

3. Partnerships for Workforce & Economic Development

1.2. Increase the number of students who transfer to four-year institutions.

1.3. Increase the number of students receiving degrees and certificates to address the workforce needs of the community.

1.4. Increase the percentage of students who successfully complete basic skills courses.

1.5. Narrow the student achievement gap across subgroups.

Improve Organizational Effectiveness

The college will implement, align, evaluate and improve planning processes within the college on an ongoing basis.

2.1. Use accurate and relevant data for decision making.

4. Organizational Effectiveness

2.2. Enhance inclusion, transparency, and accountability throughout the decision-making process.

2.3. Evaluate and improve the effectiveness of programs and services on a regular and systematic basis.

2.4. Align the committee structure to improve the effectiveness of the college.

2.5. Enhance the use program review results for planning and decision making at all levels.

Enhance College Resources

The college will diversify funding resources to increase the level of discretionary control over resources and increase the total funding received by the college.

3.1. Manage enrollment to optimize the college productivity.

5. Resource Management

3.2. Diversify funding sources through DVC Foundation, grant funding, and industry partnerships.

3.3. Allocate resources according to program review funding priorities and college-wide plans.

3.4. Increase the operational and administrative efficiency of the college utilizing the most cost-effective methods

3.5. Develop practices and procedures that promote sustainability in all areas.

There are a couple of important things to note about this list. First, these goals (strategic directions) and strategies are linked to our current strategic plan and the District’s strategic plan as noted in the crosswalk above. Second, they will be used by DVC for the current year as well as for the next two years. This will allow the College an opportunity to fully work on the strategies. The District will be developing a District-wide strategic plan in 2012-13 with all of the colleges in the District developing their own strategic plans (based on the District plan) one year later. As such, DVC will be focused on these goals (strategic directions) and strategies for the next three years which will provide ample opportunity to develop specific action steps along with measurable outcomes and then evaluating how well we did. While we may not be able to completely accomplish all of these goals (strategic directions) and strategies, we should be able to demonstrate that we have made measurable progress toward achieving them.

I want to thank everyone for the development of these laudable goals (strategic directions) and strategies. Our work toward achieving them will certainly benefit our students.

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