DVC strategic directions for 2010-2011

President's Message

June 1, 2010

DVC Strategic Directions for 2010-2011

The 2010-2011 academic year is the final year in the current Diablo Valley College’s Strategic Plan 2006 – 2011. There are 31 different strategic directions under six overarching themes in this plan. In addition, there are 19 strategic objectives under six overarching goal-themes in the District’s Strategic Plan 2009-2014. Due to this number, it seems prudent that the College focus on 3, but no more than 4, targeted initiatives. To begin this process, I asked the Faculty Senate to review the 50 strategic initiatives and identify two on which they are willing to work.

They selected District Strategic initiatives A 1.1, Increase the percentage of students who transfer to a variety of four-year institutions while narrowing the transfer gap across subgroups, and A 1.4 Increase the percentage of students who are proficient in Basic Skills while narrowing the proficiency gap across subgroups. These equate to our College A.1-Assess student learning outcomes; A.2-Enhance student success; and A.3-Improve the progress of underrepresented students. The College Council asked its members to suggest some additional initiatives. They suggested College D.5 Improve Organizational Effectiveness and F.2 Involve stakeholders in decision making. All these recommendations were forwarded to the President’s Office for a final decision.

I want to provide some clear and focused direction on this work, since all program reviews must respond to the strategic directions identified for the year. Because the District’s language is more clearly stated, we rewrote the District’s 1.1, 1.2, and 1.4 into one statement. Because of where the State is with its budgetary process, a strategic initiative on budget was added. The College Council’s recommendation was incorporated under the District’s 4.3, Implement, align, evaluate, and improve strategic planning processes within the District on an ongoing basis. As part of our accreditation work the initiative, involving stakeholders in decision-making, is incorporated throughout our accreditation processes. The following is the result of this collaborative work.

DVC Strategic Directions for 2010-2011

Student Learning and Success

The college will increase the percentage of students who: transfer, receive relevant and timely training for the workplace and, are proficient in Basic Skills while narrowing the transfer, achievement and proficiency gaps across all subgroups.

Enhance College Resources

The college will diversify funding resources to increase the level of discretionary control over resources and increase the total funding received by the college.

Improve Organizational Effectiveness

The college will implement, align, evaluate and improve planning processes within the college on an ongoing basis.

In our efforts toward continuous improvement, we will be developing action steps, responsible entities, benchmarks, and timelines for these strategic directions.

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