Letter to Governor Schwarzenegger
President's Message

January 6, 2010

Letter to Governor Schwarzenegger

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

As president of Diablo Valley College, in Pleasant Hill, I would like to applaud the strong position you took this morning by not proposing further cuts to education in your January budget!

At Diablo Valley College, we have already been forced to cut approximately 5% of our schedule over the last year. That means over 250 classes are no longer available and approximately 9,000 students have been or will be turned away from our college due to the devastating cuts that we have already sustained. These cuts come at a time when the UC and CSU systems have reduced enrollment and increased fees, which puts even more pressure on our Community Colleges to serve these displaced students. In addition, we are facing the largest high school graduating class in California’s recent history. And finally, we have more recruiters from out of state colleges and universities than ever before, offering educational opportunities to our students that our own higher education system cannot.

Our future is in the hands of today’s students and California cannot afford to decrease the educational opportunities that we have traditionally supported. Please hold steadfastly to your position. There are far too many victims already. I’m glad you agree that any further cuts would likely do irreparable damage to our state.

Judy E. Walters, Ph.D.
President, Diablo Valley College

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