Accreditation and next steps

President's Message

November 5, 2009


I want to thank everyone – faculty, administrators, professional staff, and students who participated in the accreditation meetings over the past two days. The visit process was time consuming and many of you were interviewed by more than one member or attended more than one group session. At the request of the team chair, I did not attend any group sessions.

The reflections, initial impressions, and anecdotal information shared with me by a number of you included comments about how much the college has changed from last year to this year. Many of you commented that the team members were pleased with the amount of work that had been done. Some of you commented that members were pleased specifically with our progress in curriculum, SLOs, Technology Plan, and completion of the Instructional Program Review process. There were several comments about having done a lot of work in governance, structure, and transparency. The challenges for us are to continue to implement the work we outlined for ourselves, to evaluate our work, and to make changes in those areas as identified in our processes.

I want to share with you that there was NO EXIT REVIEW. The Team Chair, Dr. Marie Smith, said in this type of visit, it would be premature for the team to give an exit review. So, here is the process from this point onward. The team will work together writing a report of their visit, interviews, and evidence they found here at DVC pertaining only to the recommendations contained in the Show Cause letter. That report will be sent to the President for clarification of any ‘facts of error’ and is not a document that can be shared.

In the meantime, we will continue to work on the items in our report and will be sending a second addendum directly to the Commission for their January 6-8, 2010 meeting. I will be requesting to meet with the Commission, during this meeting, and prior to their discussion about DVC. Dr. Smith and I will both address the Commission after which the Commission will meet, behind closed doors, to decide the status of DVC’s accreditation.

However, we will not get notification of that status until the end of January or first week in February. At that point the team’s report will be a public document for us to share. In the meantime, we need to address the strategic issues of student success and our ability to serve students.

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