Accreditation Team Members for November 3-4 DVC Visit

President's Message

October 29, 2009

For November 3 & 4th DVC visit

Words and wind blow through your spirit
Dreams leap and land in the middle of incredible possibility
Mary Anne Radmacher

Listed below are the names of the visiting team members. Dr. Marie Smith is a sitting commissioner with WASC/ACCJC and will be leading the team. She is accompanied by three members of the team which did the comprehensive visit last October. We are pleased that they are coming to witness the work that we have put into responding to the recommendations.

Dr. Marie Smith (Chair)
Former Vice-Chancellor
of Instruction &Technology
Los Rios Community College District
Former President of American River College
Sitting ACCJC Commissioner

Dr. Joan Smith
Columbia College

Ms. Deborah Ikeda
Vice President of Instruction and Student Services
North Centers, State Center CCD

Mr. Marc Beam
Director of Institutional Research
Kern Community College District

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