Accreditation Show Cause report

President's Message

September 17, 2009

It is done!

The massive, incredible, amount of hard work that has been done by DVC has resulted in a completed, thoughtful, and thorough accreditation “show cause” report. This report is available on our website at It will be reviewed by the CCCCD Governing Board at their September 30, 2009 meeting and then sent to the Accrediting Commission by October 15, 2009. The Commission will send a visiting team for a follow up visit sometime between October 17 and November 19, 2009. Our report and the visiting team’s report will be reviewed by the Commission at their January 2010 meeting. We anticipate a letter from them by the first part of February, informing us of the status of our accreditation sanction.

There were well over 70 people representing faculty, classified, students, and administrators who worked with a great deal of dedication on this report, shared information with their constituents and with work colleagues, talked about it in the hallways, and participated in completing it. We owe each and every one a great deal of thanks for taking on this work and completing it. No person and no constituency got everything they wanted as we are in the process of transforming our organization, but we all worked from a spirit of consensus with the understanding that once a decision was made for the “benefit of the college and our students,” we would all give our support to it. Now, it is incumbent upon us to work together to implement the commitments made in the report and to continually assess and evaluate where we are in our institutional effectiveness. To this end, Ted Wieden, the Accreditation Liaison Officer, and I will be holding two educational sessions covering our accreditation report. Please come and join us, ask questions, share information on Friday October 2 from 12-2pm and October 7th from 1-3 in both meetings will be held in the Community Conference room. Bring your lunch, come and join us.

Please visit the web site, become familiar with the report, if you have questions about the work ask your colleagues who participated in the Work Groups (they are all listed at the end of the different recommendation section of the report). If you have no questions, just thank them for their hard work.

We have a new DVC in many ways and this is directly reflected in the spirit with which this report was done.

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