Accreditation update - Recommendation 7 ACCJC

President's Message

September 9, 2009

Work Group Leads are: Ted Wieden and Sue Handy

President’s note: Please know that the October 15, 2009 report is being edited to fit a specific format for ACCJC and as such there may be some changes to this excerpt currently being provided to the college community.

Recommendation 7: Communication and Collaboration

The team recommends that the college further improve communication to increase collaboration across organizational structures by promoting transparent decision making, honest dialogue and widespread dissemination of internal college documents. (Standards: IIIB2b, IIIC, IIIC2, IIID1a, IIID1d, IVA1, IVA2, IVA2b)


With all of the many efforts that the college makes to keep everyone informed, the college leadership recognizes that there is a responsibility on the part of employees and students to read emails, open and read attachments and use college-based online resources in order to stay informed. All employees have a DVC email account; however, recognizing that certain employees may not have regular access to a computer as part of their regular work assignment, hard copies of announcements are available in a manager’s office or common work area.

In summary, the creation of the new Integration Council and College Council (additional information is included in the response to Recommendation 1) will provide a forum for broad college-wide dialogue and for the widespread collaboration and dissemination of information. The evidence cited in this section indicates that DVC has designed and implemented numerous mechanisms to improve communication and collaboration. The college has also demonstrated significant progress in achieving this goal, as indicated by the structure and processes used to respond to the ACCJC recommendations.

Plan of Action

Beginning in the fall 2009, all college managers will print and post hardcopies of agendas and minutes for any committee that is required to produce agendas and minutes. Items must remain posted until replaced by a subsequent meeting.

Beginning in January 2010, and continuing annually thereafter, DVC will offer staff development activities designed to educate newly selected committee and council members on their responsibilities for disseminating information and promoting communication.

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