Accreditation update - Eligibility requirement 19 ACCJC
President's Message

September 9, 2009

Work Group Leads are: Ben Seaberry and Mark Steidel

President’s note: while this eligibility requirement talks about institutional planning and evaluation, the team stated in their October evaluation report that what DVC needed was a technology plan. Therefore the work group focused on drafting the College Technology Plan and integrating it with all the other accreditation work. I need to also add that the October 15, 2009 report is being edited to fit a specific format for ACCJC and as such there may be some changes to this excerpt currently being provided to the college community.

Eligibility Requirement 19: Institutional Planning and Evaluation

The visiting team confirmed that Diablo Valley College has a documented Educational Master Plan, Facilities Master Plan and Technology Master Plan. However, planning processes and outcomes need to be consistent, integrated, evaluated, and updated. Technology planning is not integrated with institutional planning. The institution does not systematically assess the effective use of technology resources or use the results of evaluation as the basis for improvement. Diablo Valley College completed its last technology master plan in 2001. The plan was comprehensive and included implementation timelines over a three year period through 2004. Since that time, there has been no comprehensive and integrated effort to guide the development and implementation of technology resources over the last four years. (ER 19)


The DVC Technology Master Plan 2009-2013 was approved by the Leadership Council on May 18, 2009 (Evidence 19.16) after receiving the formal endorsement of the Associated Student Council (Evidence 19.17), Classified Senate Council (Evidence 19.18), Faculty Senate Council (Evidence 19.19) and Management Council (Evidence 19.20).

The new plan is comprehensive and integrated into college wide planning and resource allocation through alignment with the DVC Strategic Plan and new program review processes. It is both a strategic plan and an action plan. The strategic plan is comprised of the vision, principles, goals, and strategies and will be updated in 2013 and every three years thereafter to ensure integration with future versions of the DVC Strategic Plan. The action plan portion of the Technology Plan is represented by the Implementation Grid which states the action items, lead manager, responsible units, timelines, performance indicators, dependencies, and required resources for each technology strategy. The grid will be evaluated and updated on an annual basis so as to reflect current needs that are identified by the annual program review processes.

All the program reviews for instruction, student services, and administration will each include a technology section. The technology sections of the validated program review plans will be evaluated by the Technology Committee for possible inclusion in the annual updates of the implementation grid. The annual review and update cycle of the implementation grid will be coordinated with the DVC annual calendar for planning, program review and student learning outcomes. This approach will facilitate the integration of program evaluations and planning for instruction, student support, and administrative functions with the technology planning cycles.

In response to Recommendation 2, DVC has developed new processes for resource allocation which are based on program reviews, institutional planning, and a new shared governance model. Thus, resource allocation for technology will also be linked to these new processes to ensure that technology planning is integrated into college wide planning and resource allocation.

The new DVC Technology Master Plan reflects current and future needs and is integrated into college wide planning and resource allocation including the evaluation and support of instructional, student services and administration functions for the college and off-campus sites. The new technology plan also demonstrates “an ongoing and systematic cycle of evaluation, integrated planning, resource allocation, implementation, and re-evaluation”, per Eligibility Requirement 19.

Plan of Action

In the spring of 2010, technology requests from administrative, student services and instructional program reviews will be reviewed by the Information Technology Committee. This information will be used to inform annual updates to the DVC Technology Master Plan.

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